LRP and other private commissions

Illustrations and private commission for a necromancer, fully washable cotton robe, inspired by Landsknecht clothing, pieced together out of 250 individual pattern pieces! Image from Curious Pastimes by Oliver Facey Photography.

Colin robe backcolin robe front44848406_10160917986805291_8796551028930510848_nColin coat copy copyLeah’s Jurassica costume, private commission, linen jacket and trousers inspired by Victorian cycling clothing. The jacket is lined with dinosaur print to fit the theme of the character! Images by Oliver Facey Photography at “Jurassica” by EYE Larp.

35051433_10155274899446906_8853528885418000384_n43032680_10160834411490291_7973968391205552128_n43050717_10160834407610291_1201085070295695360_n43086325_10160834407520291_3074682450580865024_nPlus size template female

Private commission, wrap brocade coat with ring brooch clasp and sash. Image by Oliver Facey Photography

p7872813_2971310595_6  Scan  IMG_6502

Private commission, and illustrations for such, 100% cotton, fully reversible tie on tunic, belt with skirt panels and coat (black with white trim/white with black trim) Live action images by Steve ‘Flasher’ Mitchell.

33707805_10156861465703488_5664057652825554944_n  33708958_10156861478813488_8731253502963089408_n  33780787_10156861465378488_2659630877113319424_nCharli 1Charli 2IMG_6494  IMG_6495  IMG_6496  IMG_6497  IMG_6498

Private commission, hand painted priest’s stole for Empire LRP. Images by Tom Garnett (L) and Beth Dooner (R).

31514078_2106492369378717_8939643559523385344_n  Beth Dooner Pel

Private commission, custom dyed shirt and trousers with matching piped seams, also custom shield cover, plus illustrations for the same. Image by Steve Mitchell.

Steve Mitchell  Shirt ring sleeves  Trousers

Private commission, custom made and custom embroidered doublet with piping and gold stud embellishment, plus illustration for the same.

Woody combinedWoody doublet no collarPrivate commission, custom made brocade coat with full detachable sleeves and custom dyed lining. Image by Beth Dooner.


Private commission, custom made neck piece/scarf to provide interest and texture and to disguise the transition between mask and person!. Made from fully machine washable cotton/stretch. Image by Oliver Facey


Private commission, custom made and fitted brocade and cotton coat, fully lined. Custom designed and printed cotton stole with fringing. Second image from the left by Beth Dooner.Pel coat combined

Private commission, custom made and fitted cotton dress and hooded overdress/coat with front and back lacing detail. Gemma dressed up in her new kit at LarpCon UK!


Private commission, custom dyed and embellished light weight gambeson. Machine embroidered and hand painted tree design, hand quilted body. Images by Oliver Facey.

23659319_10159550665825291_5701506754175343225_n  23658330_10159521092710291_6964901236335250357_n  IMG_5825

Design and imagery for private commission, custom dyed and pieced cotton “paladin” surcoat/waistcoat to be worn with plate armour, lacing at centre back and sides to allow for adjustment to be worn with/without armour. Original image (on design) by Steve Steve ‘Flasher’ Mitchell.


Private commission, custom dyed linen and cotton coat, designed to look worn and “battered.” Also custom dyed cotton and linen tunic with braid embellishments. Image by Steve “Flasher” Mitchell.
21317495_10156092194188488_2211677414879522276_n  IMG_5483a

Private commissions and illustrations for the same, custom dyed brocade and wool doublets. Both doublets have lacing to attach the arms, each doublet is customised with individual embellishments, lace, ribbons and lacing details.

Image by Ben Cawkwell


Image by Ben Cawkwell


Image by Steve “Flasher” Mitchell


Image by Ben Cawkwell


Image by Ben Cawkwell


Image by Steve “Flasher” Mitchell

Pel doublet black sides

Private commission and illustration for the same, fitted and fully lined turquoise brocade and taffeta coat and poet shirt. Image by Oliver Facey at Profound Decisions Empire LRP.

Empire_-_E3_2017_-_0065-(ZF-4845-53767-1-001)  Paul coat

Private commission, custom dyed and custom fitted blue linen tunic with hand applied details. Images and modelling by the awesome Stef Bow!
IMG_0143  IMG_0146_1

Private commission, blue coat with turquoise piping and lining, hand embroidery at the collar and lace on sleeves. Image by Slender Pictures.

Soft leather tunic with turquoise suede accents and brass studs , worn with a soft leather distressed long waistcoat secured at the sides with leather fringing, worn by one of the NPCs at Curious Pastimes LRP. Image by Steve “The Flasher” Mitchell.


Private commission, May 2017. Surcoat/gambeson for NPC at Curious Pastimes LRP. Heavy quilted cotton, custom dyed with metallic embroidery and studs, lacing detail at sides. Images by Steve “The Flasher” Mitchell.


Private commission, April 2017. Coat for Empire LRP Navaar egregore.


Private commission, April 2017. Surcoat/gambeson with metallic embroidery and studs. Heavy quilted cotton with bespoke screen printed design. Lacing detail at sides. Images by Steve “The Flasher” Mitchell and Aitch at
Hero belt and character card holder by Amado Leathercraft.
Scan 1  IMG_4750  IMG_4749  cp-lfe-042_orig  cp-lfe-037_orig  18268090_10155645487353488_3073870935849004440_n

Private commission, March 2017. Fitted gambeson. Black heavy cotton quilted with green details and piping. Lacing detail at centre back, side seams and arms allows for adjustment. Laced with green leather. Black leather straps by Windee Works.

IMG_4887  IMG_4890

Private commission, January 2017. Brocade waistcoat for Leodegrance Archer at Empire LRP. Image by Beth

Beth Dooner 01  IMG_4666a  IMG_4875

Private commission, December 2016. Brocade shoulder piece to complement an existing banquet dress for Lady Teagan of the Lions at Curious Pastimes Ltd.

back  front  img_3069  img_4046

Private commission, November 2016. Four wool coats and snood/scarves made for members of “The Collective” at Paradigm Shift by Suspension of Disbelief/Bravo One. Images by Oliver Facey.

16298902_10158099736550291_7700359526882407858_n  16407003_10158099734420291_5252379783659277278_n  16266071_10158099733880291_8789213661098299833_n  16388054_10158099736445291_7775827604024564919_n

Private commission, July 2016. Brown wool coat with embroidery and embellishment, fully lined with leather buckles. Images by Oliver Facey.

14192150_10157338980205291_1576086515172128346_n  14225619_10157338986950291_3997696423533206366_n

Private commission, May 2016. Green wool coat with embroidered embellishment and gold studs. Vincent of House Vexille at Profound Decisions Empire Spring Equinox event 2016. Image by Beth Dooner.

Beth Dooner 01 Beth Dooner 02
Private commission, April 2016. Blue custom designed and shaped doublet/coat with turquoise lining and custom piping, removable sleeves (attached wth laces) and hand embroidered fleur-de-lys at the collar.
IMG_1954 IMG_1956 copy  IMG_1958
Private commission, April 2016. 3 Tabards, individually sized, each with custom appliqué and hand embroidery. Images by Steve Mitchell and Oliver Facey.
13147736_10154500320808488_1471980610968025726_o  IMG_1901  IMG_1902  IMG_1903
Illustration and photographs for a private commission, March 2016. Custom dyed cotton sateen fabric with removable fur trim at the neck and removable, lace on over-arms with fur trim.
IMG_1658 Esme copy Esme winter copy
Private commission, March 2016. Pure wool tunic/wool mix tunic, custom dyed silk noile facings at cuff, neck and base of tunic, hand embroidery.
IMG_1633 IMG_1637 IMG_1639 IMG_1641
Illustration and photographs for a private commission, December 2015. Custom dyed apricot silk to match the trim, also custom devore (burn out) printed with Lions. Hand appliquéd trim around the bodice, custom made belt. Photographs of the garment on it’s owner to follow…
IMG_1652 Lucy Muxlow dress  IMG_1481 copy IMG_1483 copy
Illustrations and photographs for a private commission, December 2015. Custom metallic machine embroidery including metal studs for the coat trim. Photographs of the garments on their owner to follow…
IMG_1664 Montgomery 01 Montgomery 02a Montgomery 03a IMG_1453 IMG_1454 IMG_1478a IMG_1479
Illustration and garment for a private commission for Teagan of the Lions, a character from Curious Pastimes. Image courtesy of Steve “The Flasher” Mitchell at the Wolf faction banquet, November 2015. Doesn’t Lucy look beautiful?
12243269_10154067369033488_4899963449935289413_n  12243293_10154067373043488_5697340728438487249_n  IMG_1416 no hanger  IMG_1358
Illustration and garment for a private commission (the waistcoat) for Zalish of The Akesh, at “An Akeshian Feast of Voices,” a Curious Pastimes sanctioned event, November 2015. Including pieced fabric, appliqué and hand embroidery. Costume design and construction: Emmylou Laird.
 IMG_1426  IMG_1441  IMG_1445  IMG_1310
Illustration and garments for a private commission for Ancel of House Vexille, at Profound Decisions Empire game, September 2015, images by Oliver Facey. Costume design and construction: Emmylou Laird

12003262_10156036546815291_7566290038129258401_n  12039185_10156036551455291_1660354681826360734_n  IMG_1325b

Illustration and garments made for High Queen Grace of the Lions for Curious Pastimes Renewal, August 2015, images by Oliver Facey.

IMG_1312a  11990414_10155999942620291_5240904065119094426_n  11990653_10155999942765291_3381298729346109939_n

A selection of private commissions costume design, construction and hand embroidery all by emmylou, all action images at Curious Pastimes Ltd. LRP games photographed by Steve Mitchell.

Anbaal battle   11182034_10152645032920834_8103184966891400478_n  11210460_10152645033895834_4725673431387515155_n

Anbaal standard copy   11220815_10153595486373488_1029306809443690183_n

Anbaal standard no collar  1471735_10153692682333488_2003364342852588377_n

ritch 01  ritch 04

mark 03  mark 02

020 Fire elemental 02  019 Fire elemental 01

P1000375  IMG_0993  IMG_0991  10336845_10152628043483488_2216356053854635753_n  10273412_781272598551051_4490457900743490913_n

P1000398 copy  P1000397 copy  P1000389 copy


IMGP5535  IMGP5423  larger mermaid  img042  img038  img028 img021a


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